TrendBolt makes tools and supplies for creative people

We are a team of curious minds. In our creative and innovative workshop in Budapest, Hungary we continuously experiment with traditional and modern materials to create efficient, handy tools for your hobbies and business.

We appreciate convenience and efficiency

We prefer tools that do job well and last long, and this is also our objective when we create tools for you. We use highest quality materials and high grade platinum cure silicone that is flexible enough for easy demolding and withstands at least hundreds of concrete castings. We test each design and end product to ensure its ergonomics, functionality and quality.

We ship internationally

Our products are enjoyed by customers all over the world, from New York to Cologne, from Toronto to London, and in addition to ready-made designs we also work with custom orders to meet your individual needs.

We welcome your feedback, and are open to working with media and other brands. Contact us to find out more about our work and designs. Click around to see more of our products, read our blog and follow us on social media to get even more ideas for home décor and living in style.