Hobbies are a perfect distraction from your routine. In our daily life we stress about many things, and if we have something else to focus on, especially something that brings us joy, we get a good stress relief.

Hobbies help us grow and evolve— we learn new skills, we set new goals and get new achievements. Creative hobbies, involving manual work, such as concrete casing, make you feel more relaxed, happier and less anxious. 

Hobbies create excitement, curiosity and pleasant anticipation. Taking out your new concrete planter out of the mold and seeing how perfect it turned out gives you pleasure and satisfaction.

Your hobby can become your additional income. You can use concrete casting with silicone molds to make nice little gifts for your friends, and then participate in your local craft fair or try selling your pieces online through Etsy, Dawanda, Amazon Handmade and other platforms. 

Hobbies help you get more social connections — both online and in real life. While learning your skills you meet new people who in turn help you learn even more. And that is a good exercise for the brain. 

Hobbies help you to explore yourself, your creative potential and talents. Isn’t it exciting to learn something new about good ol’ self?

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