Trendbolt is a small business working between Budapest and Vienna. And since we create handmade pieces for your home and gifts for creative people it would only be natural for us to use handmade promotion for our business too! Take a look at how we do it.

Just like you we don't like to waste time in traffic jams. Solution? #getabike

And while we are working, running errands around the city (and getting fit) why not advertise our business? Using scaps and leftovers from other projects we hand-made a stenciled bike plate.

Rain or shine, we always go with the bike — deliver parcels to the post office qiuckly and without traffic jams, or get a bucket of silicone, packaging and other supplies.

Because we have different bikes for different occasions, we have more than one handmade solution for bike boxes and signs. 

And when we go to Vienna by train, our bikes (and advertising) goes with us!

Our other ideas for affordable and sustainable promotion? We use shredded leaflets as packaging filler. (Yes, we are those rare people who don't throw them away immediately after receiving)

And our business cards are also handmade. 

Yes, Trendbolt is handmade, leg-driven and environmentaly friendly ))

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