Summer has a lot of pleasures to offer: from fresh berries to mellow evenings to lightweight and airy fashion. We anticipate beach holidays filled with doing absolutely nothing when your only concern is which hat to wear. Yes, which? Let's take a look at our selection of hats from European artisans. Do you find here your style? 

Here is feminine and elegant: Canotier hat by Spanish millinery AnedeCocoMillinery.

How do you like this wide brimmed beauty from UK hat makers VictoriaGraceClothes?

Or mayby some military vintage from Bulgarian BerovaVintage?

Let's not forget about boys, and newsboy hats for them.

Or unisex sailor cap from Riga?

On Etsy you can also find many classic variations, like this mid-century head scarf. 

Or beach straw hat. 

Did you find yours to enjoy the rest of your summer in?

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