Valentine’s Day is yet another good day for love. What is one universal way of showing your feelings? With a card! This tradition was especially popular in England from the early 1800's. Initially Valentines were handmade, with makers decorating them with flowers, poetry and other romantic symbols.

Then the era of mass-production came, and the cards were made in factories. However, handmade is always considered more special, isn't it?

Let’s take a look at modern handmade Valentine’s cards. Here is our “found on Etsy” selection.

Both retro and hip variation by Holmes Made Papercuts.

Tender and subtle Valentine. 

Here's something for dog fans by Somebodyelsa

How about a naughty one? 

And here is a classic symbol of romantic love.

Would love to give your card with a gift? Here is our vintage home decor selection

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