Big fans of upcycle projects, several times a year we go treasure hunting for ideas, inspiration and materials during so-called ‘garbage days’ in Budapest.

This is when people can throw away their stuff — from old newspapers to sofas — for free, and it is then removed by municipal services, and collected by treasure hunters, because one man's trash is another man's treasure. And among this garbage one can find true design gems, or pieces with a lot of potential. 


This time we saw potential in the old wood — the lid of wood chest that was left unwanted in the cellar for many years. This is how the wood looked like, when we brought it to our workshop. 

Often, problem with the reclaimed wood is the smell, but usually good old sanding helps to remove all unpleasant odours, and a couple of layers of transparent sealer refresh the grain nicely.

Then we added two Victorian-looking handles and presto, ladies and gentlemen: gorgeous serving tray, big enough to serve breakfast for two. 

Functional and beautiful, just how we love it.

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