Bathroom renovation is always a daunting task. It might be one of the smallest spaces in the apartment, but it has got it all—pipes, wires, heating... Take a look at our remodel in 100+ year old apartment in Budapest.

Just like the apartment itself, the bathroom was in quite a poor state, obsolete and neglected, but it had visible potential. 

This bathroom was last renovated in the early 80-s, as we have guessed from the stamp 1981 on the old (and very heavy) bathtub.

The most time and money consuming part of this bathroom remodel project was, of course, modernization: the heating, the plumbing, the wiring. Everything had to be stripped down to the bones, and the whole space had to be rearranged to find room for boiler, washing machine, storage.

It is quite a narrow space with high ceiling so characteristic of 100-year old apartments, so we decided on white bottom and dark top to balance the space visually. 

We also came up with a few DIY solutions—both to stay on the budget, and to customize. 

Here is one of such custom solutions—the lighting done with copper pipes that are part of the new heating system. Storage idea for bathroom was to attach the basket for towels to the copper gas pipe with ropes (so, no wall drilling was required).

We also reused some parts of the old bathroom—like this 60s glass retro lamp.

New tile counter-top is very easy to clean. Dark grout is also a good idea not only from styling, but also from practical point of view—to minimize its cleaning in the future.

Rustic handle, DIY bathroom mirror made of chalkboard and custom-made storage/counter/sink solution.

New bathroom became a much more comfortable space. It is modern, and it is easy to clean and maintain. The "after" photos were actually taken two years after the remodel project, and the bathroom continues to look very neat and stylish. 

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